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A list of arrestees  is compiled weekly from data provided by law enforcement records of the California Highway Patrol, the City of San Diego, and the San Diego County Sheriffs Department. 

Every month over 5000 people (Just in the State of California) are arrested for DUI or driving under the infulence of alcohol, drugs or both.  Statistics show that a majority of fatal accidents are caused by impaired drivers.

The pupose of the website is to provide a publication of a current database of individuals arrested for DUI throughout the State of California.  It is not a complete list, but rather a work in progress.  The database was generated starting March 2012 from the CHP. 
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After you enter the text, simply press the 'search" button.

The result of the search will be givin in a "blue colored" text.  Click the text link and you will be taken to the webpage that contains the search criteria.  Scroll down until you find the information you are looking for.

The list was alphabetized starting the last week in May 2012 for easier searching within the target webpage search result. 
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